AdAway广告走开,安卓广告屏蔽器!AdAway是一款基于hosts文件屏蔽广告的应用,同时hosts列表由开源组织进行维护,能时刻保持最新信息。去广告效果取决于hosts源的优异,其内置数个hosts源,支持自定义hosts源。针对漏杀和误杀,可以用内置的 TCPDUMP 来记录 DNS 请求,分析并添加域名到黑白名单。

广告走开AdAway v4.0.6-0705 for Android


2018/08/06 v4.0.6
Add web server status (icon and text) in the home card UI,
Fix black and while list inversion bug.

2018-05-06 v4.0.0
As you could see, there is a new design! The home is now card based (webserver card is added if enabled), The navigation menu is now an humbugger menu, The hosts source UI is updated (floating add button, actionbar edition), Your lists UI is updated (bottom navigation bar, same controls add, edit, remove like hosts sources), Permission request at runtime to access storage to import or export your list, All other views are updated to use the latest support libraries. But there is also a lot of changes under the hood including: Oreo support, Battery improvement and host update fix, Better support of root and systemless mode. I already use it on my daily driver (Nexus 6, Nougat, SuperSU) and the next step for me will be to setup a test device with Oreo for further testing (Nexus 4, Oreo, latest Magisk?). In the meantime, if you have remark feel free to share and if you enjoy but forgot the thanks button (or my donation link )!

系统要求:ROOT  支持Android 4.1+/5.0/7.0


vokins AD hosts //去广告 hosts 源推荐,几乎每天更新维护!

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